How To Conduct A Patent Search

Alright, so you have established you should perform a patent search but you’re not sure where to start? Well the people right here at IP have assembled some suggestions as well as tricks to help obtain you began.

Home Grown Detective Patent Search

First off in the easiest sense if a person has patented your suggestion already you will not be qualified for a patent. So the most convenient method to determine if you can get a license is to take a look at items available and already in the market. If you see your idea currently implemented after that it is unlikely you will be granted a patent.

Search Engine Patent Searching

1. Perform a Google search for your creation as well as see if it remains in the market already. This is one more really easy as well as totally free means to establish your likelihood of success. (Google also has lately launched a totally free patent search feature that creates a wonderful place to look for patents).


3. You could likewise do a patent search by using third party search engines. Most of these will not be complimentary however there are numerous out there and several of them have unique rates for individuals seeking only a 3 day or much less search pass.

Profession Patent Search

While it’s completely possible to conduct a patent search by yourself there patent representatives, attorneys as well as firms around that focus on carrying out patent searches. They have accessibility to patent details areas that typically aren’t publicly available and also they likewise will certainly have an excellent idea where exactly to look for innovations similar to your license. For additional information concerning IP’s license searches or license applications, please see our patentability search or patent application web pages.

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